Mayapada Hospital was the first hospital in Indonesia that has invested in one-stop-service center for gastrointestinal and liver cases. The Center provides consultation, observation, endoscopy and other health services for gastrointestinal and liver issues.

 The latest endoscopy technology, such as “Ultrathin Band Imaging” and “Ultrathin Endoscopy” (5mm diameter endoscope), is operated by our highly trained professionals.

We provide endoscopy device with “Narrow Band Imaging” technology as well as “Ultrathin Endoscop” (5mm in diameter).


The main advantages of Ultrathin endoscope 

  • Patients experience little to no discomfort. 
  • Very detailed picture 
  • Early detection of cancer at an early stage.


Endoscopy with this technology will provide very detailed diagnostic value, so that the endoscopic examination in Mayapada Hospital will provide added benefits such as:

  • Quick examination time. 
  • Superior image clarity
  • Much higher accuracy compared to traditional endoscopy  


Information & Registration :

Gastrointestinal & Liver Center

Mayapada Hospital Tangerang

Direct Line : 021-5578 0393

Dr. Johannes J. Sadikin Sp.PD
Internist - Gastroenterology & Hepatologist
  Mayapada Hospital Tangerang
No Medias
Jakarta Selatan