Mayapada Hospital Tangerang

Salah satu rumah sakit terbaik di Tangerang, Banten / best hospital in Tangerang, dengan layanan kesehatan terlengkap & didukung oleh tenaga medis terbaik.


• Presidential, VIP, 1st Class, 2nd Class, 3rd Class Rooms

• Paediatric Rooms

• Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

• High Care Unit (HCU)

• Stroke Unit

• One-Day Care Center


Ambulance services are available to pick up and return patients. Equipped with sophisticated equipment and life saving drugs our ambulances are supported by doctors and paramedics who are trained in handling emergencies.



Mayapada Hospital Emergency Department provides 24 hour services for patients who experience medical emergencies.



Pharmaceutical services are available 24 hours a day, every day including holidays. By purchasing our drugs directly we can ensure that the Mayapada Hospital Pharmacy provides genuine and current drugs. Enjoy our comfortable lounge area while your prescription is being fulfilled.



Mayapada Hospital Radiology Department  has the latest equipment to provide quality services to our patients.



Mayapada Hospital Laboratory is equipped with modern technology to ensure the verification of results quickly and accurately.



Operating Theatre services are offered every day.

Our Operating Theatres  are fully equipped with the latest technology and are fitted with a laminar flow water circulation system to prevent nosocomial infections whilst our patients are being treated in the operating room.


Operational Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 07.00 – 21.00

Sunday: 08.00 – 12.00



Medical Check Up provides for the early detection of disease by conducting medical examinations through  both physical and investigative procedures.


MCU and Adult Immunization is available on Monday to Saturday, excluding holidays. MCU examinations are performed by general practitioners, specialists, and other medical experts as needed.


Services provided:

- Personal MCU

- Companies On-site and In-house MCU

- Employees MCU

- Requirements abroad

- Continuing education requirements etc.



Examination is conducted by using X-rays to produce a detailed image of various parts of the body such as the head, spine, chest, abdomen, blood vessels, etc. Our team is highly trained to ensure that the level of radiation experienced is safe for every patient.


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Our USG equipment allows our medical specialists to real time images and video to enable them to provide more accurate assessment and treatment for a range of conditions.


Used to detect abnormalities in the breast, providing images of tumors and enabling treatments to assess whether these are benign or malignant.


Mayapada Medical Rehabilitation Department provides a complete service including:

- Consultation Specialist Medical Rehabilitation

- Physiotherapy

- Occupational Therapy

- Speech Therapy

- Growth Therapy

- Orthotic and prosthetic



Cardiac catheterization is a diagnostic and therapeutic measure to help address heart blood vessel blockages. Using X-rays that have been modified with a camera, we can produce images of the heart and blood vessels which enable precise treatment.


Tahir Neuroscience Center (TNC) is a complete healthcare center for neural science. The Center covers neurosurgery, neurology, neuroanesthetic, psychiatry etc. TNC was established in January 2nd 2009 and provides the ultimate neuroscience service and treatment. TNC is supported by a team of specialists led by Prof. DR. Satyanegara. Sp.BS, the pioneer of neuroscience in Indonesia.


TNC is equipped with the latest technologies such as : neuroendoscopy, neuronavigation, CUSA and deep brain stimulation system, 1.5 tesla MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and 64-slice MSCT (Multi Slice Computed Tomography). The hi-tech equipments ensure the best treatment,  minimizing patient risk and facilitating a faster recovery time .


Information & Registration:

Tahir Neuroscience Center

021-5578 1888 Ext. 8104



Mayapada Hospital was the first hospital in Indonesia that has invested in one-stop-service center for gastrointestinal and liver cases. The Center provides consultation, observation, endoscopy and other health services for gastrointestinal and liver issues.


The latest endoscopy technology, such as “Ultrathin Band Imaging” and “Ultrathin Endoscopy” (5mm diameter endoscope), and also FibroScan is operated by our highly trained professionals.


Information & Registration :

Gastrointestinal & Liver Center

021-5578 0393


End of Office Hour :

021-5578 1888 Ext. 8130

Customer Care (0821 1314 1888)

BBM (2B381308)



Cardiovascular disease is presently the number cause of death in Indonesia., Mayapada Hospital Cardiovascular Center is committed to tackling this often treatable condition and to provide an active recovery program to enable patients to enjoy the best possible physical condition after their treatment.


Our Cardiovascular Center provides  a comprehensive facility offering cardiac catheterization, MSCT angiography, heart balloon (PCI), stent and pacemaker bracing conducted by our team of experienced specialists.


Information & Registration

Cardiovascular Center

021-5578 1888 Ext. 8920



Mayapada Hospital’s Spine & Arthroplasty Center serves an integrated and comprehensive medical treatment for bone syndromes or disorders patients.

Services include:

1. Orthopaedic Spine

2. Orthopaedic Sport Injuries

3. Orthopaedic Hand Surgery

4. Orthopaedic Reconstruktive Surgery

5. Orthopaedic Paediatric

6. Orthopaedic Traumatology


Information & Registration:

Spine & Arthroplasty Center

021-5578 1888 Ext. 8931



Oncology Center treats a wide range of cancers including breast, lung, colorectal and gynecological cancers as well as lymphoma and hepatobiliary conditions.Our specialists apply a personalized approach for each case. Their diagnoses are the result of detailed analysis of pathology and radiography data allowing for a comprehensive and accurate evaluation of each patient’s condition and the development an appropriate treatment program.. The treatments may include chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immuno-therapy and  pain management programs. Furthermore, we provide counseling and support services for our patients and their families.


Information & Registration:

Oncology Center

021-5578 1888 Ext. 8204

• Restaurant

• Mini Market

• Mayapada Bank

• ATM Center

• Free Wi-Fi

• Playground

• Parking Area

Featured Doctor

Prof.DR.dr. Satyanegara , Sp.BS

Speciality Bedah Saraf (Otak, Sumsum Tulang Belakang dan Saraf Tepi)

Schedule Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Monday,

Bedah Saraf (Otak, Sumsum Tulang Belakang dan Saraf Tepi) () Bedah Saraf (Otak, Sumsum Tulang Belakang dan Saraf Tepi) () Wednesday,  Thursday,  Saturday,  Wednesday,  Monday, 

dr. Roslan Yusni Al Imam Hasan, Sp.BS

Speciality Bedah Saraf (Otak, Sumsum Tulang Belakang dan Saraf Tepi)

Schedule Friday, Thursday, Wednesday, Saturday, Tuesday, Monday,

Bedah Saraf (Otak, Sumsum Tulang Belakang dan Saraf Tepi) () Bedah Saraf (Otak, Sumsum Tulang Belakang dan Saraf Tepi) () Friday,  Thursday,  Wednesday,  Saturday,  Tuesday,  Monday,  Friday,  Thursday,  Wednesday,  Tuesday,  Monday, 

dr. Robbie Laurentz, Sp.A

Speciality Pediatri (Anak)

Schedule Saturday, Friday, Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Monday,

Pediatri (Anak) () Saturday,  Friday,  Thursday,  Wednesday,  Tuesday,  Monday, 

dr. Jurita Harjati Handoyo, Sp.A

Speciality Pediatri (Anak)

Schedule Saturday, Wednesday, Friday, Monday, Thursday, Tuesday,

Pediatri (Anak) () Saturday,  Wednesday,  Friday,  Monday,  Thursday,  Tuesday, 

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